Pay-Per-Click ( PPC ) Management

What Is Pay-per-click (PPC) ?

Pay-per-click ( PPC ) is a very well known digital marketing channel. It mainly provides the best opportunities to all those digital marketers who wants to grow their traffic and conversions. But if you don’t ( as a digital marketer ) have some smart strategy or tactics of doing PPC then it could be very complicated. 

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PPC is just the way of buying some traffics to your website by paying a fee as an advertiser and it is one of the most known forms of search engine advertisingIt allows all the advertisers to place a bid for an Ad. For example if you try to bid for a keyword like ” SEO Methods ” then your ad will pop up in Google’s search results page on the top place and every time when the ad will be clicked then it will send visitors to the website of the one who actually done PPC to buy visitors.

Always keep this in mind that if your PPC is working very properly then the visit on your website will be worth more than what you actually pay to get.

If you want to have a proper and a winning PPC campaign then you have work and set that up very smartly. A PPC campaign goes like- researching and selecting a proper keyword for the campaign and then placing them in a proper way or say manner and then go for the ad groups to set the proper PPC landing pages which are already optimized for better conversions. So, if incase you want to do PPC for your website as well then first you need to learn about it how its actually done.

 How Pay-per-click actually works ?

As the ads appear alongside of the results in search engines like Google the advertisers cannot pay more just to make their ads appear on the search results more than their competitor’s ads which they have also tried to make successful and get visitors from there. Ads are mostly subjected to which is known as Ad auction this is basically an automated process which google and other search engines use just to determine the validity of advertisements which generally appear on SERPs.


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What are the types of Pay-Per-Click ads ?

There are mainly three types of PPC ads :-

1. Display Ads

2. Text Ads

3. Shopping Ads


. Display Ads

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All the display ads mainly comes in a form of an image or motion graphic. PPC is such a platform which offers the display advertising with size and some content requirements which an advertiser must comply while creating visuals. 

Display ads are basically available for advertising to all the websites across the globe in the internet. Ads are placed on websites where the advertisers wants to target their audience.

. Text Ads 

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A text ad is basically a written copy by an advertiser which is been composed. In that format and the character limits gradually depends on the PPC part in which your are actually working. The text ads are mainly triggered through all those search networks when a user search something on Google. 

. Shopping Ads 

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A shopping ad is mainly delivered when someone submits a query. The shopping ads also contains images , price of the product which a user has searched and some specifications like its size , color and all. 

Some  known Pay-Per-Click platforms 

Here are the best three PPC platforms which you need to know about :-

1. Google Ads

2. Microsoft Advertising

3. Amazon Advertising 


. Google Ads

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Google Ads is the primary PPC platform managed by google itself.  The ads which are shown on YouTube are actually from Google Ads itself. 

. Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads Microsoft Advertising


Microsoft advertising ( The Bing Ads ) is a PPC platform of Microsoft. This platform mainly allows the PPC advertising on their own search network ( Like Google ) on Bing and their partner sites as well.

. Amazon Advertising 

 amazon advertising

This is the fastest growing PPC platform for all the e-commerce retailers across the globe. Amazon itself empowers all to create display and shopping campaigns which can promote their products on networks. 

Today almost 40-50% of the products focus on the searches begins on Amazon itself.

What do you understand by PPC Advertising ?

There are few types of different ads in PPC but the most known and common one is the paid search ads. These ads have a special thing about them which is when people start searching about something through search engine like ( Google or Bing ) then these ads will appear for ex- If you are searching for pizza in your locality or area or if you are searching for some local services like a doctor or a plumber through mobile then all of these searches will gradually trigger the PPC ads.

The other forms of PPC advertising are the display ads and remarketing mostly.

How you can manage your PPC campaigns ?

As you have created a campaign all you need to do is to mange them regularly and properly so that you can able to get some proper and effective results. You should always analyze your performance on regular basic of your account.

You can follow these things to optimize your campaigns and get good results from there :- 

1. Use PPC Keywords – If you want to reach up to your targeted audience then you should always expand your PPC campaigns by just adding such keywords who are more relevant and meaningful to your business. 

2. Use Negative Keywords – You can add some negative keywords as well to just improve your campaign relevancy. 

3. Go for some split ad groups – If you really want to improve your CTR and Quality score then you can just split your ads into smaller groups. This will help you to create some more targeted text ads and landing pages as well. 

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