Social Media Marketing Strategies

What is Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) ?

Social media marketing is a form of marketing which involves creating content and sharing content to all social media platforms or networks out there just to achieve all the targeted goals for branding and marketing. SMM includes activities such as posting text , images , videos and all the other content which basically drives traffic and engage audience as well as the paid social media advertisement. 

The main social media platforms or networks at the moment are :-

A. Facebook – 1.80 billion active users in whole world 

B. Twitter – 186 million active users in whole world 

C. Instagram – 1 billion active users monthly

D. LinkedIn – 675 million active users monthly

E. Pinterest – 416 million active users worldwide monthly

F. YouTube – Almost 2 – 3 billion logged in users worldwide

Benefits which we can learn from social media marketing 

1.We can increase brand awareness from SMM 

Social media marketing can help us to boost the brand awareness through engaging audiences and traffics. The social engagement helps and include things like commenting , sharing contents and giving likes and also re-posts. It also helps to increase brand awareness by just driving traffic to your website directly. You can easily do this by just including links to your website.

2. By generating leads and boost up conversions

If you promote or share your products on social media then it is the best way to generate leads and boost up conversions and also increase sales of your products just because you are advertising your product to those people who are generally in a need of it and also those who have opted to just engage with you by just following up your social accounts.

3. Engage relationships with customers

If you could able to connect or engage with all your social media followers then you will also be able to build up a long lasting bond or a relationship with them and with your business as well. You can do this with them by just interacting with them on your posts and contents or anything which is informative. If you could respond to there asked questions and provide them the help which they need can also help you to build up a good customer relationship. 

You can also ask your followers about your product whether it is helpful for them to use or not and also you can create giveaways for them just to build up there trust towards you and your product. This is also a method through which you can engage a good relationship with all your customers.

The Strategies of SMM for companies 

A. Try to create an effective content marketing strategy for business 

We all know one thing that quality is the key for any content to reach up to its target audience and content marketing has been the much needed form of marketing for a very long time. Many of the brands are not linking there quality content with the right schedule and the correct frequency of the posts and materials regarding all informative things. If you have a good quality SEO content then it will be very helpful for you to get the right amount of customers in right time. A good marketing strategy will always help you to implement an amount of audience and traffic as well. All you need to do is to optimize all strategies and go through a good amount of quality content.

B. Build a community for all the audiences

Its true that you should have some followers in your social media account and it is important as well but having some certain numbers of followers is not the success in social media handles. You should always need to show your audience that you are not just a robot but someone who is working for something to server to its audience all the time by giving what they actually wants from you. Try to integrate your personality through your own social media posts and express the emotions through that so that your audience can also able to relate from that.

1. Always go for the live sessions.

2. Always try to solve queries and ask questions to your audience.

3. Ask them to get in touch with you always by just liking and sharing your posts and content.

C. Create your profile in different relevant channels or platforms

People are busy in creating their profile in almost all the different relevant channels. Why they are doing so? what benefit will they able to get if they create profile in different channels?. Well I have all the answers with me. People create their profile in different relevant channels just to drive traffics to their site or there other platforms. They basically aim to reach up to as many people as possible. But unfortunately by this method or tac-tis you will not be able to reach up to your own targeted audience. 

D. Make a budget for the social media 

All the social media platforms are one of the most important part of marketing and engaging audiences and customers. If you able to allocate a right budget for your social media then it could easily lead you to success. And also if you leverage that budget with a right and a proper strategy then this will lead you to your focused target audience. As the social media platforms are the place where we can connect with different types of people in this you can easily make a deep connection with your customers as well by providing them those services which they are actually in need. 

Difference between Social media marketing and Search engine marketing 

Social Media Marketing – It is part of On-Page SEO just because of its link building. And being on social media platforms help your brand or a product to get found and recognized easier. The main goal of social media marketing is to drive some quality traffics to your website directly and get engaged them with you. It also includes activities such as posting text , images , videos and all the other content which basically drives traffic and engage audience as well as the paid social media advertisement. 

Search Engine Marketing – It is a process to drive traffic to a website by using the online paid ads. For example if you pay Google an amount for Google AdWords then ultimately your content will come up first by including traffics and awareness. You all may know about PPC ( Pay per click ). In today’s date the cost of AdWords has gone up with the search engines just because of the market saturation and it leads to the next phase of the search engine marketing through the paid advertisement on the social media platforms.

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