How to increase traffic to a website?

How to increase traffic to a website ?

Getting traffic to a website is not a hard task but there are some ways through which you can get an amount of traffics to your Website or a Blog. You can easily increase traffic to your website.

So, today in this blog we will focus on a very interesting topic which is how to get traffics to a website but before that we need to have a knowledge that there are basically to ways of traffic and they are :-

1. Organic Traffic 

2. Direct Traffic

 What is Organic traffic ?

This term ( organic traffic ) is mainly used to refer to those visitors who comes to your website or a blog as a result of unpaid search results. Organic traffic is basically the opposite side of the paid traffics which mainly defines the visit which are generated by those paid ads. The visitors who are mostly considered as organic finds out about your website or a blog through the search engines like Google or Bing and so , they are not referred by any other websites or blogs.

If you want to increase some organic traffics to your website then you have to write and to post some relevant and knowledgeable contents to your blogs almost everyday. This is one of the most used methods to get some new visitors and users as well. 

Organic traffics are mostly obtained from the search appearance of the sites which are performed in the search results by the users in the search engines such as Google or Bing. Organic traffic are the free traffic which every website owners wants to have on there websites.

what is Direct traffic ?

direct traffic are those users who have entered to the URL of a particular website directly through the browser’s search bar. Direct traffic also involves those users who have directly clicked to the link through some categories of a particular browser. 

You can acquire visitor’s to your website which is essential but you also have to retain them which is one of the most important thing to do. You can see your traffic growth and number of direct and organic traffics to your website by using Google analytics  which is mostly use by the owners of the websites to analyze there day to day growth and the numbers of traffics.

What are the difference between an organic or a direct traffic ?

The first one is the search traffic and the second one is direct traffic. They have some completely different sources with them. But if someone search for the exact site address to visit or to read some blog post then they are called the branded search traffic.

Traffics are the main measurement of any particular websites. And every website have a goal to attract the “n” number of traffics and some large number of visitors. But it is also important to know about the kind and types of traffic and how we can actually attract the visitors. 

As I have mentioned earlier that direct traffic basically come from the direct access of any site URL or link. This type of traffic includes the kind of users you directly access the website without any search engines. And this kind of access suggests or indicates Google that your site offers some good quality content and it gives you the domain authority as well.

Now let’s focus on how to increase traffics to a website ?

So , here are some of the steps to increase traffics to a website and they are :-

1. By going social 

Its not just that you make some great content and hoping that people will find it you have to be proactive. In today’s time one of the best method to increase your website traffic is by promoting your contents to social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest , and so on. Twitter is mainly ideal for short links where Google+ promotions will help your site to show up in search results and it is also effective for the B2B businesses and niches. If you have a business to customers company then you can take advantage of the social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. 

2. Go for the advertise 

This one is the most obvious let’s have a look. Paid search , Social media advertising and other advertising are the most famous ways through which you can attract visitors to your website. If you are hoping to get more traffic to your site which will also result in your sales then you have to have a target of high commercial keywords just as a part of your paid search techniques and strategies. The competition of such search keywords or terms can be expensive but the result will be worth watching. 

3. Target some long tail keywords 

If you are focusing on getting high number of traffic or visitors to your site then its time to focus on some long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have the majority of web searches and if you are not targeting them as a part of your paid search strategies or the SEO then you are missing the most important part. 

As a business blogger or an entrepreneur I  believe that every website owner should start focusing on the long tail keywords to get some genuine traffics which could last long and will also help you in the growth of your website.

4. Always write some tempting headlines

Headlines are the most important part of your content. If you don’t have some tempting headlines then the most comprehensive post of yours will go unread by the people. So , you should always master the art of writing headlines. If you focus on having some compelling headlines then it will help your blog post to get raise on public and will also hit some numbers of visitors.

5. Give more attention to On-Page SEO

Optimizing your own content for search engines are still very valuable and worthwhile practice. Are you making some image alt text? Are you creating interlinks to content? if you are doing so then optimizing your On-Page SEO will not take time and will provide you some genuine organic traffics within a week or a month. 

6. You can start guest blogging

For your information I must tell you that guest blogging is not dead yet. By securing a guest post on some of the reputable sites will help you to increase your blog and website traffic and also help you to build your brand. The standards of guest blogging have changed in last few months and years though but it is very much profitable for those who follow up the SEO process to rank there website or a blog and to get some traffics to it.

Guest blogging is actually a very easy and a simple process to do if you have a website and want to have traffics and visitors. But the spam in reputed website could lead you to penalties. 

7. You can invite others to guest blog on your website

You can do guest blogging by inviting others to your site. Instead of posting your content to others blog you can simply invite people to your niche to blog on your site. They will share link to their articles which will automatically help you by getting new users and readers to your site. You just have to be sure in this that you post some high quality original contents without any spam links. 

By doing so it will definitely get you to the numbers of traffic and visitors as well and will up the authority of your site.

8. Go for internal linking

The strength of your site is not determined by just seeing how many sites have link back to it but it also affect by your sites internal linking part. When you are writing or creating content for your site then you should make sure to put some internal links to it while publishing it because internal links are the opportunities to get noticed very well by the others.

This thing not just help you by the SEO but will also results you in better and useful experience for the users to increase traffic to your website. 

9. Always make this sure that your site is fast enough

If your webpage is taking almost 30 sec to open then it is not fast enough. If this happens then you must make sure that your pages should be technically optimized as much possible and then you can include the full size images , page structure and functionally for the third party plugin. The faster your site will load the more better results you will get which will also help to increase traffic to your website.

10. You can post your contents to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the mean of finding new jobs and opportunities. It is the world’s largest professional network and now you can publish your content to it as well on a regular basis. If you can do so then it will boost traffic to your site as well as it will increase your profile in the industry mainly if you have a large following and also help you to increase traffic to our website and blog posts.

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