Digital Marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a reference to an advertising which is delivered through different digital channels or paths such as Websites, Social media, Search engines and all. It is defined as a method by which all the companies try to endorse there own goods and services and also there brands. 

How digital marketing plays an important role in a company?

Digital marketing plays a very vital role in a business or a brand. As you know that every brand has its own website and if they don’t have a website at least they have there social media preference and the digital ads strategy. Digital marketing or content is so common nowadays that man of the consumers now rely on it as they know that it is the way to learn more about brands and all. 

In today’s time digital marketing has so many options which are actually associated with it throughout. You can get very creative ideas and experiments too with some most promising variety of marketing tactics and techniques on a budget. With the help of digital marketing you can also use different kind of tools such as analytics dashboard just to keep an eye on the success and the ROI of your own campaigns more than you could have with some promotional content.

Does this work for all types of businesses?

Digital marketing can work for any type of business for any industry. But it depends on what your company actually sells in that also digital marketing involves building out the buyer persona just to identify your audience needs and wants and help in creating some valuable content. 

There are two types of digital marketing that you should know very well.

1. B2B Digital marketing.

If you have a business to business ( B2B ) company then your digital marketing efforts are more likely to be centered in all the online lead generations with some end goal just for being for someone to speak to the salesperson. For that reason the main role of your own marketing strategy is just  to create some high quality leads for the salespeople through a website and support some of the digital channels. 

2. B2C Digital marketing.

If you have the business to customer ( B2C ) company the it depends on the actual price point of your own products , it is very much common that the goal of your own digital marketing efforts is mainly to attract more people to your website and be them the customers without having to speak to the salesperson. 

In such reason you should more likely to focus on the “leads” than anything is a traditional sense or a way and more focus on building buyer’s journey from that moment when someone start landing on your website so that they could easily make a purchase. This will also mean that your product will get higher up in marketing then it may for the B2B businesses and you may need to use more Calls – to – action.

How you can do digital marketing?

You can do digital marketing by following these steps and they are:-

1. Try to define your own goals.

When you are getting started with the digital marketing the first and foremost thing which is critical is by start identifying and defining your own goals just because you will design your strategy very differently just by depending on the goals. For example , if your goal is to increase the brand awareness then you have to pay more attention on reaching out the new audience through social media or a website.

And if you want to increase sales on some products then you have to focus more on the SEO part and focus on optimizing the content to get some very much potential buyer’s on the website in the very first place.

If sales is your main goal then you should test out the PPC campaigns just to drive traffic through some paid ads.

2. Try to identify your target audience and there needs.

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the opportunity to target some audience however you can’t take advantage of that benefit if you haven’t identified your target audience first. 

But you should also keep one thing in your mind that your target audience may vary from depending on the channels and the goals which you will set for some of the specific product or campaigns. 

In general you may have also noticed that the most of your Instagram audiences are younger and more likely to prefer some funny memes and the quick videos but your LinkedIn audience is tends to be more professional who will always look for more advices. 

3. Try to establish a budget for all digital channels.

When it comes to the budget then you may always determine what really depends on the elements of digital marketing you are looking to add up to your strategy. 

If you can focus on some of the inbound strategies or techniques like SEO , social media and some content creation to those websites the good thing for that is you don’t need very much budget for this at all. With some of the inbound marketing your main focus should be on creating some good quality contents which your own audience will want to consume and see more which unless you are planning to outsource more of the work , the only investment which is needed is your time.

You can actually get it all started by creating or hosting some websites and can also create some content by just using the HubSpot’s CMS. For those who are on a very tight budget you can go and get start by using the WordPress hosted on WP engine, by just using some simple themes from the Studio press and can build your website without using any code. 

To implement PPC by using Google AdWords, you can bid against some other companies in your own industry to appear at the top of the google search results with the keywords associated with your own business. 

4. Always optimize your digital based assets for mobile.

The other major key component of digital marketing is mobile marketing. But one fact that you might know is that the smartphone usage of whole accounts is about 60-69% of the time is actually spent to consume digital media in U.S.

This means that its very essential to optimize your digital ads , web pages and social media images and some other digital based assets for your mobile.

There are lot many ways you can actually optimize your digital marketing assets for all the mobile users and can implement all digital marketing strategy to it. It is very much important to know and consider that how the experiences will be on mobile devices. You should create a digital experience which will work for your audience and can achieve that result which you are actually hoping for.

6. Try to conduct some keyword research.

Digital marketing is all about reaching up to some of the targeted audiences through some of the personalized accounts but this can’t be possible without a proper keyword research. 

Conducting some good keyword research is always very important for to optimize your website and some content for SEO so that people can easily find your business through the search engines. Social media keyword research could be very helpful for just marketing your business or product or services on different social channels and platforms. 

What are the major components of it ?

There are quite few types of digital marketing and they are as follows:-

1. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

2. Content Marketing

3. Paid Search

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

( A ) Search Engine Optimization – It is a process to optimize the content and reach of your website so that your page could appear on the first page of the search engine results for some specific keyword term. By doing SEO you can actually drive visitors and traffic to your website or a page but only when you have some kind of relevant information and ideas which people will search for. By using some keywords and some phrases you can use SEO to rapidly increase visitors visibility and build up customer relationships. 

 Strong SEO strategies are highly influential in digital marketing campaigns.

( B ) Content Marketing – Content marketing is not so promotional in nature but it serves to educate and inspire some consumers who are seeking some information. When you offer some of the good quality contents than it will definitely secure you as a thought leader and a trustworthy source of information. 


( C ) Paid Search – Pay – per – click ( PPC ) or paid search advertising mainly refers to some sponsored results on top or by the side of the search engine search results page. These kind of ads will definitely gonna charge you for every single click and they can be actually tailored to be appear when some search terms are entered your ads will target those audience who are actually seeking something to know. 

These ads could be really effective and could be relevant to right people at right time. These types of ads also include retargeting meaning that it depends on customer’s actions.

( D ) Social Media Marketing –  The effective key to social media marketing goes beyond by just having some active social media accounts. You should also be weaving some social elements into each and every aspect of marketing efforts.


( E ) Email marketing – We all know one thing about email marketing is that it is the most quickest and most direct way to reach up to the customers with some serious and critical information. In today’s time most of the successful email campaigns are very much engaging and relevant.

( F ) Mobile Marketing – In today’s time marketing in mobile are really important as the two thirds of customer’s can easily recall some specific brands which they have seen advertised on mobile in last few weeks or days but it is ( mobile ) also very nuanced by its intimate nature. 

SMS and the app marketing are the best options through which you can reach up to your customer’s on devices.


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