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What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization which in short we call “SEO” is a process to improve your website’s visibility among all the relevant searches. It provides good amount of visibility to your page and also increase reach of the customers towards your business by just showing your page in the first page of search results.

Why SEO is needed/important?

SEO is needed because it is the most important part of digital marketing especially in today’s world of business , because there are people who search millions and trillions of things each and every year just to find a valuable information about some product or services or many more things on the internet today. This is way SEO is needed very much because it help our website or page to rank in the first list of search engine which is helpful for those who are searching for some content or product and also helpful for the one who has a total and unique information about that product in his/her website or page in short it helps the website owners to gain traffic and helps the searcher to gain information and knowledge about the particular thing. 

For example:- If you have a website which is totally new and you want to gain traffic to your website by doing SEO then there are few things which you need to follow. They are – (1) Your content should be unique and should have some valuable information about the topic which you have choose to write on , (2) It should contain at least average of 1000 words and could be up to 3000 words depend on the topic but 1000 words are very much necessary to get it rank in the first page of search engine , (3) It should contain images which are again very necessary and videos ( if possible ) , These are the few things which will definitely help you to rank your website or page in the first list of search engine.

How does a search engine optimization work for pages and websites?

Some of the search engines like Google and Bing use kind of bots to crawl the pages on the web they go for site to site just to collect information about the page and put them in the main index. The second thing they do is the algorithm which analyses the pages in the index and take a note and information about the particular topic or information. It takes around hundreds and thousands of ranking factors or the signals just to determine the order the page should be appeared in the search console or results for the asked or given query.

5 search engine optimization techniques which everyone should follow :-

1. Write long contents ( Almost 3000+ words )

A study of SEO has said that longer content accumulate much number of backlinks and helps in better ranking and gather much traffic towards that post or blog. 

You can write about more than 2000 words a day for your blog posts but its not so easy for everyone, It is also not necessary all the time you can also write a blog post of about 1000 words and can rank on the search engines but you need to have some valuable points and images included in it. 

See just to create some necessary backlinks we write about 2000 0r 3000 plus blogs because as I have mentioned it helps our page or the blog to rank very easily on the search engines from which we get number of traffics and visitors. But there are some of the pages who have almost 1000 to 1500 words and are also ranking on the first page because they have some decent and unique points which they have mentioned or they have created almost to 2000+ backlinks for that page to rank on the search engine. 

The main thing is you need to have a long content and post and it doesn’t matter how you represent that post but it is necessary that you have almost 1000 words and number of images and videos ( If possible ) included in it. The more longer your content will be the more traffic and users you will get for the page or the website. So, keep writing.

2. Try to focus more on the topic than a keyword.

The Google is evolving day by day and so its own algorithms with it. The main objective is now to pay more attention to its own users like what they actually look for and what searches will help them to fulfill there queries all at a time. 

This is where the snippet box plays an important role.  

However, you should not expect all the time that your website will appear on the first page of search engine by just only creating some keyword focused contents and blog posts it is not necessary all the time. And it is not okay to look on the keyword because we also need to look at the context of it.

So there are two things which you need to know before this and they are :-

1. To know what your target audience or users wants. 

2. Well organized content.

3. Measure your SEO performance all the time.

Analytics and reporting are the two main and crucial parts of SEO because both of them help you to improve your overall strategies.

An effective reporting and analytics means that you understand the needs and the key questions like:-

A. What content are actually appealing to your customers?

B. What are the pages which has been least or most visited and why?

C. Which on-page SEO has actually changes all the results?

D. What kind of keyword you should focus more for future and why?

These are really tough to understand all at a time but you can use them as your advantage just to make a better and a good improvement for future this will definitely show you some interesting results. 

4. Target the local searchers.

You know almost half of the searches which are done on Google are from the local people who looks for an information about something or somewhere. 

And the searches includes mostly the local shops , telephone numbers or addresses.

If you have brick and mortar business then you can easily ignore these local SEOs.

5. You can also take the advantage of YouTube SEO.

You know the YouTube is :-

. The most popular video on YouTube with around 2billion active users and 1billion hours of watching the video every day.

. Social media is the second most popular platform in this world.

. Search engines the second largest

Many people forget about YouTube when the start thinking about the search engines. You know video marketing is not for everyone but necessarily for each and every industry, but now most of us have the powerful video cameras in our hand so there’s never been a far better time just to play around with the video marketing. 

How I can do search engine optimization by myself?

You can do search engine optimization by yourself by following these simple tips :

1. Try to improve the title tags.

Always look for the highest level of pages. Then go for the search and see how much organic traffic you can gather by putting the same content but in a unique and different way. I have seen that almost 30 – 40 percent of organic traffic comes from the e-commerce page. 

So , try to make more content related to the e-commerce products and all to reach up to your audience and also analyze how much there is a need of that page. Sometimes using a small common sense in the title tag can bring a huge change. 

2. Understand your own competition. 

Always identify your competitors – not necessary that the site which sell the exact products but also those informational sites which have massive numbers of retailers who are also competing for the same phrase. Wikipedia , Investopedia and many more who are taking the first page of the search results are the actual competitors of yours you should always ask yourself :

1. what are they doing so well and getting organic traffic always?

2. How are they structuring there sites to get valuable keywords?

3. What content themes they have that you don’t?

And you should also review there social media activities just to identify there product of the information about there site.

3. Try optimizing your site as well.

If you have a keyword map in hand then the next step is just implementing the on-page SEO which includes:

1. Updating the pages which have contents to include the keywords.

2. Creating some new pages which will include Text , Graphics , Audio and some Videos as well.

And focus on the relevance of each page which includes – Title Tags, Meta description , Body and Headings which most of the searchers commonly use.

NOTE :- Google’s keyword planner is a free tool for everyone to search for keywords which they want to post blogs and articles about. 

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