How you can become one of the successful social entrepreneurs?

Before you get to know that how you can be one of the successful social entrepreneurs let’s focus on the meaning of social entrepreneur and see what it says all about.

Q. What Is Social Entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is someone who pursues some kind of novel applications which have the potential to solve the community based problems and situations. These type of individuals actually take risks and put effort to bring some positive changes in the society through there own initiatives.

. Some points to be noted down are:-

1. A social entrepreneur is always eager to start there business or some kind of initiatives for the greater good and not just to earn profit.

2. Social entrepreneurs always try to produce environment friendly products and serve to the underserved community.

Some examples of social entrepreneurs include some micro finance institutions, educational programs and provide banking services in underserved areas and help children who are orphaned by epidemic disease.

Now let’s focus on how you can become a successful social entrepreneur. 

Social entrepreneurship can also create some lasting and significant social change. It is very simplistic and best considered as the hybrid of the governmental intervention and some pure business, by just focusing on the issue which aren’t enough to attract private capital. Many of the people around the world have benefited from the social entrepreneurship schemes.

Let’s see how you can set yourself as one of the successful social entrepreneurs.

1. Replace a key technology with the one which costs less.

While we all pay less attention to the cost of some certain and important technologies in this developed world, in the other parts of world tech might be the difference between life and the death. The BBC mentioned APOPO , a company which train rats to search out the mines so that they could be safely disarmed. This social enterprise was actually developed just for the high cost of safety equipment and infrastructure for locating and clearing the mines. Rats costs a lot less to raise and maintain other minesweeper technology.

2. Create some new technologies to empower the communities.

Technology is so wanted or needed in the developed world that we realize how little of it has actually permeated the developing world. The development of technology infrastructure can also change how people see the world around them actually and access funding for the projects. The best example for this is KIVA. KIVA is a social enterprise which leads to the positive change for the refugees by allowing them access to interest free loans just to get them back on tracks. KIVA provides a very simplified way for those especially who want to donate to the developing world without going through the nonprofits locally which are very much treated and also regulated by the banks. 

3. By repurposing the existing technology.

There is already a technological advances in the market. But those modern advances tends to focus on the developed world and to those who can afford these services. The less economically developed countries may need these type of technological advancements but they have no way to apply them in such a way which could make a difference. Technology is the way that the social entrepreneurship can make a remarkable impact on this world but by itself it could be a potent vehicle for the change. 

Social entrepreneurship is not just about the rewards that you get but it is the help offered to others. The focus on the plight of the less fortunate which separates the social entrepreneurship from the traditional enterprises. The goals of both are almost same by providing services to the customer base.  

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