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This Is How Rapido Expands There auto services to other new cities In India.

The Bengaluru based online bike and taxi platform Rapido has recently announced on Friday that the expansion of the autos services in the other eleven cities in India across the 5 states. This service will provide access to book autos for the day to day transport.

The service will be available soon in the meter price and a convenience fee will also be added there. And the company is planning to onboard almost about half a million partners in next 6-7 months and also the interested auto drivers can easily self onboard themselves by just downloading the Rapido captain app.

The auto services has been officially launched 14 different Indian cities across 10 states on October 2020 and has witnessed a huge demand in the market already in the expansion of there service. This service will soon be the part of the shared mobility business model in the coming time.

Apart from the capital Delhi this service will also get launched in the states of Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. 

Each Rapido auto services will be provided by the GPS technology by just ensuring the access to the continues demand of the service from the customers. Through this technology and with the help of app customers can easily track the locations and can also be able to share it with there friends and the family members who are actually using that service for themselves and the loved ones in real time. A platform like this will also have the in-built feedback service which will allow the users too share there experience as commuters. 

This online bike and taxi service has raised a total amount of about $80 million from different investors. Rapido is a very good and  a comfortable online bike and taxi service and I am quite sure that in coming period of time this online service will be one of the most promising and will be the biggest online service of India. 

On the recent launch of Rapido auto in the streets of Delhi, Mahesh Sharma the member of parliament have said that ” Autos are being the most trusted mode of transport even in the post pandemic situation as it is one of the most affordable transport system in the streets of Delhi. With the launch of this Rapido auto services I hope that we can standardize the prices and the operations to make it accessible for everyone”.

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