Direct Mail Marketing :- Strategies and Examples.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is basically a physical correspondence in prospect’s to a mailbox through the United state postal services or through the other delivery services. This includes Postcards and some of the catalogs which are the common examples of this mail marketing.

Direct mail marketing can also help you in other channels and make a stand out for your business as well and  for all those direct mailers they need to have an identity to meet up to you and to your business. 

This also includes a huge variety of marketing materials as I have told you in the above with an example it includes catalogs, postcards , sometime brochures and letters ( sales letters ). Many known corporations or organizations knows that direct mail marketing is a very effective and a profitable way to reach out new clients in every month so they usually use this way to reach out to there needs.

What are the direct mail marketing strategy?

Before you start your own direct mail marketing campaign you need to develop a strategy which will enhance success to your campaigns and will ultimately drive sales through it. If your direct mail marketing campaign launches with a thorough plan then it could  influence the new or the existing customers for the future purchases as well . Here we will see some of the direct mail marketing strategies so let’s go.

1. Always be sure when you have to include the direct mail as the part of your own marketing strategy.

You may be thinking by yourself that if direct mail is a good idea or not to include in your all marketing strategy? then I must tell you that direct mail actually allows you to target some of the audience which may be difficult to target them online. You can actually go specific to the audience demographics which does not include or say not available for the marketing strategies. You can easily take help and can use this to find your own proper desired audience or customers. 

While targeting the same audience list in the other marketing channels can work to enhance the livelihood of developing good amount of leads and some generic potential sales. With this type of mindset you can actually allow your own target audience to relate some different marketing strategies back to your own company. 

2. Be sure that the mailers of yours are designed with the audience in there mind.

If you know that your target audience are fundamental when you design your direct mail creative. It actually never matters that what kind of tactics you are designing for your marketing but it is more likely to relate the design and the messaging to your own targeted audience. It’s for sure that your will want more information so you should not forget to add your website and some of your contact information so that they can continue there own research and can get in touch with you directly and comfortably. 

3. You should always personalize your own mailers.

By personalizing your own mailers will always increase the performance of your campaigns. if you have a budget then you will find a lot of ways and ideas on how to personalize your mailers, from just addressing the mailer then to the recipient’s name and all the ways to use handwritten envelops. These things will always depends on your budget if you have a budget then you can easily use these techniques.

4. Make a measurement on the performance of your mailers.

With a developed plan you can take the next step to track the mechanism and measure the performance of your campaigns easily such as call tracking and the coupon codes. It is very important to have a note of your campaigns performance and allow yourself to optimize that what is and what not actually working.

If you could use properly then direct mail marketing could be a very needed and effective technique or tactics. 

 Creative direct mail marketing examples.

1. World water day – Belgium                                                 

2. Candle box – Earth hour

3. DNA box – Jeep                                                             

4. Miss fortune cookies – Hell pizza

5. Shoe box – Nike 

6. 3D hologram prism – Google partners.

Does direct mail marketing still works?

One survey shows that the direct mail campaigns have higher ROI then the paid search and online ads. In fact it has been seen or considered that direct mail was 1 percent behind the social media the 2nd highest ROI medium.

Other results have also shown that the direct mail’s response rate is of 5.3% which is quite higher than the 0.6% response rate of email. 

Direct mail is very interactive because many of the customers physically handle the mail and look at it before actually deciding whether to keep it but direct mail can help you to keep an eye on your marketing.

Direct mail marketing could also have a bigger reach or a wider demographic than any electronic advertisement  if your own targeted audiences use less social media or email. This type of marketing could actually turn people into some genuine potential customers.

There is not as much competition as you are thinking because companies are actually scaling back there marketing efforts just to be in favor of digital marketing. Digital is more likely to be environment friendly route than anything and its not that easier as well. 

But there is a good thing which is that many of the companies are not actually operating in the direct mail days so it could be easier for you to rank in a good amount of numbers and audience.

You know  a very colorful and a creative kind of mail has a better chance to stand out in someone’s mail box than your website to stand strong in Google at least it is for the beginning. Even if someone doesn’t use the coupon or special offer then they might keep it especially when they are in need of something. They will stick that in there fridge and let it hang there. And when they will look for something like pants or some kind of deal on something then your company will more likely come to there mind for all these.

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