What is the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur.

In recent past few years the term “Solopreneur” has been searched and in demand for people. They wants to know what is the actual; meaning of “Solopreneur” and why it is called so?. We can easily interchanged this word with “Entrepreneur” but there are some of the differences between both of them. As the professionals choose to start a business without the help of anybody or say without adding any staff the term solopreneur easily defines them as they grow in popularity very slowly. 

You know there is a very subtle difference between a solopreneur and entrepreneur especially when an entrepreneur work alone until he builds his business enough to hire or to make his own team for work. But , however those who choose to be a solopreneur over entrepreneur have totally different and distinct plan and difference.

Today we will see the actual difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur and will find out is there any common thing between both of them.

1. Solopreneurs are the consistent workers and they don’t think about a buyout.

We all know that how much hard work an entrepreneur does to just to build up his business as big as they dream to make it but we cannot attach them to the concept of solopreneur. Some of the entrepreneurs not all have a dream that they will build there business with a hope that one day a company like “Google” will come across there business and will offer millions and billions of dollars when it comes to its growth. 

But yes it is true that many of the entrepreneurs have actually turned down the buyout offers and they continue to pursue there passion and dream but it is not an actual defining difference. However, some large difference between the two have come when entrepreneurs tries to run the variety of business and solopreneur keeps on working on one thing consistently.

2. Entrepreneurs puts meaning to a company.

When a solopreneur spends hours and hours to build up his company or business an entrepreneur in that time mostly prefers to build up good connections out there for the better growth of his or her business. 

Solopreneurs could also be the great networks as well but the difference is that an entrepreneur can be comfortable enough to spend a whole day in variety of networking opportunities and the organized client meetings and in that case solopreneur is content oriented and simply do there work.

3. Solopreneurs are focused on a single business. 

Solopreneurs have basically a positive niche that they are only focused on there business and they always tries to build a steady customer base so to keep there business in profit and they don’t want to expand it further. This thing basically helps to keep the business in a manageable form and also helpful for the person who wants to run it single or solo. 

4. Entrepreneurs always hire or make a team to work for.

Many entrepreneurs I have seen stat there business as solo but in the end the end up hiring a team who could easily keep an eye on there day to day business tasks. Entrepreneurs sometime soften outsource there products and services to there own employees soo that they could easily focus on managing there business by themselves. 

What are the basic jobs for a solopreneur itself?

1. Freelancing

2. A consultant

3. Accountant

4. A graphic designer 

5. Social media handler/manager.

Who is the worker or who is the manager when it comes to a difference?

An entrepreneur is always a manager because he can easily begin working with the freelance workers and assistants just to have a strong focused on there work. They are also very much comfortable to lead up there team to a same common goal. 

But the solopreneurs in the other hand they don’t rush to hire some employees to manage there work. A solopreneur always do a vast majority of work by himself all the time and don’t rely on someone else. Solopreneurs are the workers by nature. If a tasks needs to be done by today then they will do it by spending hours and hours in it but they will not rely on hiring a team and getting that work done. Let me give you a reason that in today’s  generation we see that the freelance workers and the solo workers have emerged in a good amount with some serious professional contents to run a one man show business without getting relied on someone else to do there work. 

These are the reasons why a solopreneur is called a worker and an entrepreneur is called a manager.

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