What is Networking? How many types of networking are there?

Networking is basically an exchange of information and some ideas among people with same profession and interest in an informal social way. This is basically used by all the professionals who builds up or want to build up a strong network and expand there own circle mainly to find out job opportunities. They also build network for to increase there awareness in there own fields or say in the world. 

The types of networking which are as follows:-

1. Business Networking:-  Many small business owners build networks just to develop relationships with companies and people with whom they actually gonna work in future. By having these connections help them to build trust among the people in there own communities. A successful business networking mainly involves contacts to exchange valuable and profitable information which are available for other networks as well.

2. Online Networking:- Many networking platforms which are highly professionals provide many online platforms or locations for people to get engaged with the other professionals and join different groups , post there own blogs and also help to share information. And they also provide place where you can easily upload your resume where other employers will able to see and search for jobs and find the job candidates. 

Online marketing allows highly professionals to showcase there knowledge about something and can easily connect with the people who are like minded. 

Why business networking is so important for all ?

You know polish is a firm believer who adds lots of value to the world. But most of the people don’t realize it. It is one of the best communicator’s who know how use those verbal and non – verbal cues and help others to understand it properly and also provide certain principles to make rapid progress. 

People which are well networked have the access to many things which some of them could just dream about. Its not about knowing other people its about those things which are often get offered to the public such as Meals , entertainment , meet ups , events and so on. 

A good and strong business networking builds such relations which help you with your business ideas or startups in future So, having a business networking is important for all of us in some certain ways to help in establishing good connections with professionals and grow big.


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