How you can avoid your loneliness as a solopreneur?

If you are a solopreneur like me then it could be difficult for sometime. It actually means an hour an hour of hard work and hustling without any help from anyone , without any coworker who will bounce your ideas and help you to move forward. But if you like to spend your time alone and enjoys to work solo the loneliness can still take a place in between. 

If you want to improve yourself mentally and physically then you should start making connections with people because according to a review it has been said that ” Loneliness and poor connections with people reduces a lifespan similar to what is exactly caused by smoking  15 cigarettes a day which is even greater than a obesity”.

I think some of these things will help you with your loneliness as a solopreneur.

1. Always try to keep yourself engaged as a solopreneur in online groups and communities and participate in them.

As I talk about this point many psychologists have actually found that more people actually feel connected with a group and the more they get satisfied with there lives the more stronger they built themselves and also there sense of purpose. You can easily make as many connections as you want as a solopreneur by just taking part in the online groups and the communities. 

If you join a online group then it will help you to get more valuable business ideas which will altogether help you to grow up your business as a solopreneur. For example if you have a business of digital painting then you can easily search online forums and groups on Facebook or maybe on LinkedIn which are specially for the digital painters. 

2. Try to attend conferences and the events which talks about networking.

See if you attend conferences or the networking events then it will definitely help you to meet other well known professionals from your work industry and will help you to boost your skills up. You don’t need to travel for this from place to place many events took place around your city only. If you want then you can easily check out the small business development centers for more local events , and incase if you don’t find so then make your own maybe the other solopreneurs in your area are feeling lonely. 

3. You should always use your hobbies and interests to connect with people.

I think we should always use our interests and hobbies to connect with other people don’t we? if you are or say someone is interested in filming then he/she should go through the online group of  filming classes instead of start filming by themselves. If someone have interests in fitness then he/she should also do the same rather than going to gym. 

If you are taking part in social activities which is unrelated with your own business then you may get an opportunity to meet up with new people without thinking about your business. It may also provide you an outlet with creativity and a way to destress. You know participants in the study have more positive moods than anything else. 

Just because you are the only one who is running a business as a solopreneur that doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time you can easily go through on these points and can utilize them for a greater good. 

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