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Mistakes You should Avoid While Building Up E – Commerce Team.

Written by Shantanu Ghosh

E – Commerce is a new age field which requires some team members with varied skills. You need marketers of different kind like:- Social media , Branding , Ads , Contents etc. You also need to have a sourcing team , developers , product managers and an accountant who should be specialized in there own fields.

From the past 10 – 12 years e – commerce companies are making some mistakes which costs them in there growth. Here are those 4 main mistakes that they are making. 

1. They hire team members without a technical expert.

A company fails because of its incorrect hiring decisions. You should hire new members without a technical expert if you do so then it could costs you and your business in future. So , try to involve external consultants who could do this for you and for your business. If you involve an external consultant then it could be very much profitable for you because they now how to take interviews and what to ask and how to recruit.

2. Giving less importance to the data analysts. 

Unlike from those offline retails , e – commerce also allows you to capture an amount of data from your own websites or from other platforms. This actually helps you to take a strategic and a tactical decisions from it. I have seen many e – commerce companies do not have a good amount of data analysts because most of the time they do not give importance to there work and there overall operations. Analyzing data and taking corrective decisions and easily make or break your own e – commerce company or business. 

3. They do not consider consultants and agencies as the part of there own team.

You know one thing that a good consultant and an agency can bring a good amount of experience and practices with them to you. By getting them on board can actually help you acquire a propel of online sales. You can also involve them in your own decision makings. They can also help you to bridge the gap lack of skills within your organizations.

4. Just having only developers in the tech team.

I have seen many companies have 1-2 developers in there tech team by there side when they start a business. A tech team should be consisting of developers , product managers , business analysts and project managers. If your company is not in a position to hire all of them then it is better to outsource your development work. By just having only developers and not the other skilled members your website can get a lot many glitches and errors. At last you will end up by making a huge loss due to less traffic , engagements and conversion rates.

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